Vengelfe the gold digger
Minecraft Utopia "NEW THINGS" 01

Minecraft Utopia "NEW THINGS" 01

First episode of Minecraft Utopia

Minecraft Pixie Hut Ep

Minecraft Pixie Hut Ep.1 "Old Man Mudkip"

First episode of Minecraft Pixie Hut

Vengelfe is a youtuber who did a shitty Art thing in Liverpool Community College. She had 4k just from sponging of people for making Eatmydiction pretty mediocre thumbnails. After that she made one for huskymudkips and went out with him. After a while to seal the deal and create a large fan base she slept and probably accepted his penis around her mouth and also "Taa, taas". After accepting the large member from the poor husky she jabbed him of cause her career was set. She got enough to live with her parents and to pay rent so just get on the grind. She had an audience who only watched her face cams so just keep doing that over and over again. Who knows killerkeemstar could be next he gets mad views.


"I only talk to her cause she has 200k even though most of them dont watch her anymore" -LDShadow

After she met her new friends ldshadowlady and crew since she like like a million and they have 100k. She left husky also cause of his views were doing bad and the main guy he got views from skydoesminecraft sacked all his friends off.